zaterdag 12 augustus 2017

India Reinforces Its Military In Preparation For War

India's military have raised the alert level in the region surrounding the Doklam Plateau, along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) the forms the border between India and China. For almost two months, China and India have each had 300 soldiers just 100 meters apart on the plateau, 3,000 meters above sea level. India is not increasing its troop strength on the plateau itself, but is bring troops into bases nearby, and is raising the alert level in preparation for war. The border dispute involving China, India and Bhutan over the Doklam Plateau continues to be unresolved, and in fact appears to be escalating. As we've been reporting a standoff between India's army and China's army on Doklam plateau in the tiny country of Bhutan. China is attempting to annex the region, and on June 16 sent Chinese troops and construction workers to begin road construction. Bhutan troops tried to prevent the Chinese troop incursion, but they were overrun. India sent in its own troops, saying that it did so when Bhutan invoked a treaty with India and asked for help, resulting in a standoff. No bullets have been fired yet, but as we recently reported, China appears to have set an August 19 deadline for India to withdraw its troops from the Doklam Plateau. Reuters and Indian Express
Even if August 19 passes with no military action, there's another hard deadline: The Communist People's Congress in Beijing in November. If the standoff hasn't been resolved in time for that meeting, it could be a major humiliation for China's president Xi Jinping. In addition to setting deadlines, China has been using every possible form of psychological warfare on India to try to force them to withdraw their soldiers, and allow the Chinese military to invade and annex Doklam Plateau. Some of the techniques used by China include the following:
* Claim that India has invaded Chinese territory, even though India's troops are on the Doklam Plateau, which belongs to Bhutan.
*Warn India to avoid a repeat of their loss in a 1962 border war, without mentioning China's loss in a 1967 border war.
*Warn India that if it doesn't back down, then China will invade Jammu and Kashmir.
India has moved its army to a state of "no war, no peace," which is an alert state where soldiers take up positions that are earmarked for them in the event of a war.... India TimesFinancial Express and International Business Times (India)
# Bhutan makes it clear to China that its ally is India;  From the beginning of this crisis, China's media have insisted that Bhutan and China have no dispute, implying that the two countries agree that the Doklam Plateau belongs to China, not Bhutan. Furthermore, China's media have insisted that Bhutan did not want India's intervention, and that Indian troops had entered the region in order to gain control of Bhutan. Bhutan has in fact tried to avoid inflaming the situation, and has said little, hoping that India and China find a peaceful resolution. We have a situation where China's claims are simply lies. As usual, we have to point out that China has lied repeatedly and continuously about its claims and criminal activities in the South China Sea, and so there is no reason to believe any claims they make about Bhutan's territory on the Doklam Plateau. As we've said before, China is a highly militarized international criminal state, but at some point they'll go one step to far, and bring an enormous catastrophe on themselves and the world.... India Times (8-Aug)Kashmir Monitor and Bhutan Foreign Ministry