donderdag 13 juli 2017

Russia, India, Japan Prepare For War With China

Each year since 1992, the United States and India have deployed warships, submarines and aircraft as part of the joint Malabar exercises in the Bay of Bengal, adjacent to India and the Indian Ocean. Because of the increased military threat from China, the military exercises are the largest in 22 years, and will include Japan for only the second time. The week-long series of war games will involve a total of 16 ships, including the nuclear-powered USS Nimitz, India's INS Vikramanditya, a reconditioned Russian-built aircraft carrier, and Japan's JS Izumo, a helicopter carrier with an emphasis on anti-submarine warfare, as well as two submarines and more than 95 aircraft. Most readers won't find it surprising that India and Japan are preparing for war with China, but may be more surprised that Russia is also preparing for war with China. If China and Russia have friendly relations, it's only because of a transitory "honor among thieves" phenomenon. Both of these countries are doing what Hitler did, invading and annexing territories belonging to other countries, and so they support each other's criminal activities in the UN Security Council. When Hitler did it, it led to World War II. China and Russia are no different. CNN
What China and Russia are doing is one of the factors leading to World War III. However, the fact that Russia and China are supporting each other in criminal activities does not mean that they are going to be allies in any future war. Russia and China have been historic enemies for centuries, at least since the Mongols conquered the Han Chinese in 1206, merged with them culturally, and then went on to brutally attack the Russians. Those wars are not forgotten today, and Russians and Chinese have deep hatreds for each other that will not be mitigated by a brief period of mutual support in the UN Security Council. In fact, China and Russia almost had a full scale war with each other in the 1960s. In early June 2017, Russian media reported that the powerful road-mobile 9K720 Iskander-M missile system was installed in Russia's Eastern Military District. This joins three other major missile installations that took place in 2013, 2015 and 2016, respectively. These installations have very limited ability to strike American or Japanese targets. Their only logical purpose is to strike China. Indeed, the system’s ability to deliver a wide range of cluster munitions makes it particularly suitable for use against People’s Liberation Army (PLA) armor and infantry in the event of an armed confrontation. The Diplomat
In 2014, Russia held the massive Vostok military exercises in the Far East, explaining that the military drills were necessary to prepare for war with the United States. And yet, the assets deployed during this exercise were more consistent with preparing for a defense of the Far East, a region that America would be unlikely to invade if it wanted to invade Russia at all. The only state actor that against which such a defense is needed is China. And so it appears that Russia and China claim that they're each preparing for war with the United States, but they're also preparing for war with each other.... Lowy Institute (Australia)