vrijdag 7 juli 2017

Donald Trump, Steve Bannon And Generational Dynamics

Whenever I listen to a speech by Donald Trump, I'm always analyzing it from the point of view of Generational Dynamics, because I know that Generational Dynamics is heavily influencing the Trump administration. Regular readers are aware that I've worked in the past with Steve Bannon, a principal Trump advisor. I worked with him on his documentary movie "Generation Zero," and I worked with him for years since I started in 2010 cross-posting my articles on the Breitbart National Security site, where he was the editor in chief.
As I've said many times in the past, Barack Obama came into office without any clue what was going on in the world, and after 8 years in office, I've seen no evidence that he's learned anything. Trump also came into office without any clue what was going on in the world, and the only relevant question is whether, unlike Obama, he's able to learn. It was clear when I met Steve Bannon that he was already very knowledgeable about what was going on in the world, from serving as an officer in the Navy and from attending Georgetown University. However, Bannon also became extremely knowledgeable about my work on Generational Dynamics. I know that Bannon is extremely knowledgeable about Generational Dynamics, and I know that Bannon is very knowledgeable about the conclusions of Generational Dynamics. And I believe (though can't prove) that he actually agrees with those conclusions, that we're headed for a Clash of Civilizations world war, where the UN, Japan, India, Russia and Iran will be pitted against China, Pakistan, and the Sunni Muslim countries. And I believe that these conclusions are a big part of the motivation for Thursday's speech. It's pretty clear to me that Trump's inauguration speech in January and his speech Thursday in Poland were completely consistent with the point of view of Generational Dynamics.
# Let's look at a couple of issues. People my age have wondered all our lives how it was possible for Britain to be so thoroughly fooled by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler for years. It was perfectly obvious that the Nazi Germany was preparing for war with Britain, and Winston Churchill repeatedly warned about it, so how could British leaders have been so oblivious to the danger? Today we know the answer, as we see how oblivious the West is to the danger from North Korea and especially from China, even though it's perfectly obvious. For Bannon and Trump, this presents the problem that any recognition of this situation is met with mockery and ridicule by the mainstream media, just as happened to Winston Churchill. We might call this "the Neville Chamberlain effect," named after the person who declared "peace in our time" after meeting with Hitler in 1939. So I interpret Trump's speech on Thursday as working around these problems. By giving a speech to a wildly enthusiastic crowd in Poland, and calling the Polish people "the soul of Europe," he's attempting to get around the mockery of the mainstream media, and at the same time show that Angela Merkel's views are not unanimously held among the G-20 leaders.
As long-time readers know, there are a large sum of articles on this web site containing a lot of predictions, all of which have come true or are trending true. None has turned out to be false. Generational Dynamics is the only methodology that tells what's actually going on in the world. Donald Trump may or may not know what's going on in the world, but Steve Bannon definitely does, and Bannon is Trump's principal advisor. It's very gratifying to me personally that Generational Dynamics is guiding the policy of America at this time of greatest peril in our history. Trump and Bannon are trying to find a way to defeat the Generational Dynamics predictions, by trying to goad China into blocking North Korea's nuclear development, by trying to challenge China in the South China Sea with freedom of navigation trips, and by trying to rouse the West into confronting the existential threats it faces, rather than falling into the easy Pollyannaish feelings of the Neville Chamberlain effect. Trump said: "Those heroes remind us that the West was saved with the blood of patriots; that each generation must rise up and play their part in its defens, and that every foot of ground, and every last inch of civilization, is worth defending with your life."
I wish that I could say that Trump and Bannon will find a way to succeed at preventing the Clash of Civilizations world war, but Generational Dynamics tells us that's mathematically impossible. We can't even be certain that the US will survive the coming world war. The best we can hope for is that we will survive, and that history will look back at the America as having once again played its part in saving civilization....