donderdag 8 juni 2017

Turkey Approves Troop Deployment To Qatar After Split With Saudi Arabia

Qatar continues to suffer economic isolation since Monday, when Saudi Arabia broke diplomatic relations with Qatar, closed Qatar's only land border, and closed Saudi airspace to planes from Qatar. Bahrain, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Egypt and other Arab countries followed Saudi Arabia's lead. However, Turkey is strongly supporting Qatar, and criticizing the Saudi-led effort to isolate Qatar. Turkey's president Erdogan said that Turkey will do everything in its power to help end the crisis. Daily Sabah (Turkey)
On Wednesday, Turkey's parliament fast-tracked a bill to deploy 3,000 troops to Qatar. The troops will be stationed at a Turkish military base in Qatar that was originally set up in 2014, during the last period of time when Saudi Arabia had broken diplomatic relations with Qatar. Although Turkey denies that the plans for a troop deployment are related to Qatar's split with Saudi Arabia, some analysts suggest the purpose of the planned troop deployment was to help forestall a possible coup attempt in Qatar provoked by the Saudi government.... Al Jazeera (Qatar)