woensdag 21 juni 2017

Wednesday Market Observations

# The SPX sold off yesterday after rallying into the 6/19-6/20 turn window. A SPX EW 5-wave correction on the hourly chart would be a sign that our expected June-July SPX correction could be here. We hit our SPX 2450 target yesterday and we're still expecting a June-July/aug pullback, so we are cautious of chasing anything.
# Gold is giving us a 5th wave down under the 6/15 low. We have a symmetry target at $1234, but a hard retest of the 5/9 low at $1214 by the 6/23 New Moon is possible. Gold is technically weak and sentiment is too bullish.
# Silver is giving us a 5th wave down below last week's low and we may see a test of the 5/9 low ($16.08) by the 6/23 New Moon.
# Crude oil was crushed today and took out $43. Pullback today?
# Bonds remained resilient despite new highs in the SPX.
# The USD continued its rally Tuesday and pressured commodities (gold and crude oil) lower. The USD may be ending an EW a-b-c correction on the hourly chart....