maandag 26 juni 2017

Monday Market Obsevations

# The SPX and NDX held up into the New Moon on Friday with strength in biotech and steel stocks. We're expecting a high for the year in August, but there is a chance of a 5-10% decline into July. A break below SPX 2428 will have us looking for another leg down from last week. The NDX may have finished an EW a-b-c correction from 6/9 on Friday.
# Gold touched $1241.7 early in Wednesday's session and rallied into the 6/23 New Moon. This may just be a 4th wave bounce, but the GDX finished a bullish EW a-b-c-d-e triangle early Wednesday; this has turned us cautiously bullish.
# Crude oil is rallying impulsively from Wednesday's test of horizontal support at $42. We are looking for a strong rebound by early Monday.
# The USD continued its sell off from Tuesday. The USD ended an EW a-b-c correction on the hourly chart on 6/19, this is a bullish sign for gold and commodities....