dinsdag 30 mei 2017

Tuesday Market Observations

*) Short (boring?) Week...

# The SPX finished a sharp "wave 2" correction on 5/1. Tuesday's SPX trade is key to our short-term outlook. Taking out Thursday's SPX 2418.71 high will argue for higher highs going into the 5/21-6/2 turn window and the 6/2 NFP jobs report.
# Gold's test of $1300 on 4/22 put in a weekly high. Gold may have seen a major low on 5/9 but a retest is likely going into June. A daily close above $1308 will be very bullish. The GDX finished an EW a-b-c decline from 5/17 into noon Wednesday. How we trade on Tuesday will determine our short-term view.
# Silver rallied impulsively into 5/22, the 34-day Fibonacci step out from 4/17, and we just correctively declined into Wednesday's New Moon Timing Window; this is bullish behavior. The trade on Tuesday will be key.
# Crude oil got slammed down hard yesterday on the New Moon.
# Bonds are holding up well as the SPX makes new all-time highs; this is bullish.
# The Dollar Index is close to a yearly cycle lo. We may have seen it on 5/22....