vrijdag 12 mei 2017

Now We Worry

The way, the why, the timing of the firing of FBI Director, James Comey, baffles us. No partisanship here, however. But now we worry. We wrote in February,
# When we held positions overnight on Wall Street, we used to go home worried about global instability and what was going on in the “Arab Street.” Now we worry about the American Street. – Circus Trumps Politic
We often worry about the growing fragility of the stability of American society, especially given the rapidly widening wealth gap. Who would have imagined the actions of Tunisian street vendor would lead to the destabilizing effects of the Arab Spring? Let us not allow the failure of our imagination to catch us off guard, folks. Could the firing of Comey be the tipping point that sparks political instability in the most stable democracy in the world? We don’t know and we sure hope not. But the social fabric of our society sure seems fragile to us...