vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Core Durable Goods New Orders Plunge In April

Headline durable goods orders tumbled 0.7% MoM (the worst of the year), but beat expectations of a 1.5% drop. However, Core Durable Goods New Orders fell 0.4% (dramatically worse than the +0.4% expectation) for the worst performance since June 2016...

- Non-Defense ex-Aircraft new orders were unchanged in April (huge miss), weakest in 2017
- Shipments Ex-Aircraft fell 0.1% in April (huge miss) - weakest in 2017
Worst still, Headline New Orders are unchanged year-over-year...

Q2 GDP is starting to get in trouble with Durable Goods piling on after inventories weakness yesterday. We have one question - when does this revert?

Durable Goods Orders are unchanged since May 2013. The Dow is up 5000 points since then....

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