vrijdag 26 mei 2017

Boehner Bashes Trump: "Everything He's Done Is A Complete Disaster"

Trump's massive tax reform plan is "just a bunch of happy talk" exclaimed former Speaker of the House John Boehner during an energy conference today adding that "everything else he’s done (in office) has been a complete disaster."
# As The Hill reports, Boehner gave a keynote address at KPMG’s annual Global Energy Conference, where he said his faith in the passage of a tax code overhaul is fading. “I was a little more optimistic about it early in the year; now my odds are 60/40,” the Ohio Republican said. “The border adjustment tax is deader than a doornail. Tax reform is just a bunch of happy talk. Everything else he’s done (in office) has been a complete disaster,” the Ohio Republican said, according to the publication. “He’s still learning how to be president.” Additionally, Boehner said that while Republicans would fix some problems of Obama’s law, repeal and replacement is “not going to happen.” He added, “Republicans never ever agree on health care.” Boehner said he’s been friends with Trump for 15 years, but still has a hard time envisioning him as president. He also said Trump shouldn’t be allowed to Tweet overnight.
# As AP adds, the former Speaker also hit back at some House Democrats’ calls for Trump’s impeachment. “Talk of impeachment is the best way to rile up Trump supporters,” he said. “Remember, impeachment is not a legal process; it’s a political process.” David Schnittger, a spokesman for Boehner, confirmed the comments on Friday. Boehner made it clear he’s happier now that he’s left Capitol Hill. And unsurprisingly, Boehner said he doesn’t want to be president. “I drink red wine. I smoke cigarettes. I golf. I cut my own grass. I iron my own clothes. And I’m not willing to give all that up to be president,” he said....